About Us

About Arete Pursuits

The concept of arete dates back to Ancient Greece. Arete translates to virtue or excellence. Aristotle wrote that the path to a good life was through a daily commitment to arete.

Our coaches are driven by the joy of helping senior leaders accelerate their growth. They combine decades of leadership experience, coaching education, and a personal commitment to arete.

Our Founder

As Managing Partner, Josh Dietrich brings over three decades of experience as a technology leader, with roles spanning Engineering, Product Management, Sales, and Customer Success. His breadth and depth of experience enable him to coach leaders across an organization and empathize with every aspect of the business.

Josh combines his professional background with a rich coaching education. He holds a certification in Ontological Coaching from the Newfield Network. Through ontological coaching techniques, Josh helps clients build awareness of how they are being in the world and identify strategies to shift how they are being if the current way no longer serves them. As a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach from BEabove Leadership, Josh brings an understanding of neuroscience and human consciousness to the conversations that help clients understand why these techniques work and help them build the capacity to apply the learning on their own in the future.

Josh’s coaching approach can vary widely based on the client. Josh is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and many coachees appreciate the ICF coaching approach, where Josh serves as a confidential thought partner, remaining present and curious. Others value Josh as an extended mind, combining coaching with mentoring, drawing in his three decades of professional experience.

Josh’s clients consistently praise his impactful coaching style, emphasizing themes of growth, personalized attention, and practical guidance. They highlight his exceptional listening skills and ability to foster a confidential, safe environment. His clients have experienced significant improvements in decision-making, self-awareness, and leadership skills. They appreciate his structured yet flexible approach and his genuine dedication to their personal and professional development. The feedback underscores Josh’s effectiveness in inspiring confidence and progress, making him a highly valued executive coach.