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Accelerate your growth as a leader. Actualize the full potential of yourself and your teams.

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Accelerate your growth as a human. Find and follow your bliss.

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Build and deepen foundational leadership skills across your organization.

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Pursuing Arete

The concept of arete dates back to Ancient Greece. Arete translates to virtue or excellence. Aristotle wrote that the path to a good life was through a daily commitment to arete.

Our coaches are driven by the joy of helping senior leaders accelerate their growth. They combine decades of leadership experience, coaching education, and a personal commitment to arete.

What clients are saying


I wish I had started this two years ago! I feel like I’ve been living my life without the operating manual.

Chief Client Officer

I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Josh. His energy, preparedness, and passion are contagious, and he genuinely cares about your growth and improvement. He learns how to engage quickly with his coachees and his style is one that pushes you to be the best version of yourself without beating you up or kicking you while down. His approach is simple and often gets you to uncover that, a lot of times, you already have the answer; you just need to get out of your own way.

EVP, Sales

Josh has been instrumental in helping me get over the transition from being a do-er to being a true leader. He is understanding, empathetic, and did not hesitate to push me to realize my true capabilities.

Deputy CIO

Josh is amazing at what he does. He is a great listener, understands your situation, brings out your strengths, and helps present your best version of yourself. He has great people skills and is honest and sincere. His advice has been very valuable to me.

Chief Operating Officer

When people comment on this kinder, gentler version of me, I tell them, “It’s the Josh Effect.”

AVP, Information Technology

Josh has the maturity and gift to understand what I am talking about when I am trying not to say it outright. He continues to help narrow the discussion, and I can say it hits the center of the issue every time. It helps me focus harder after my meetings to address these issues. As a coach, I can say that he is exceptional.

Director, Information Technology

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    Courageous Conversations

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    How To Do Your Taxes

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    Embracing Intuition

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