Leadership Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops to support leadership growth. Workshops can be delivered virtually or in person. For larger audiences, workshops can be delivered in a 90-minute lecture format with Q&A. For smaller audiences wanting deeper learning, many workshops can be offered in a half-day format, including more interactivity and experiential learning.

Personal Productivity

  • Improve your personal productivity
  • Increase your responsiveness and personal accountability
  • Reduce your stress by organizing your workload
  • Build a daily planning ritual
  • Implement a zero-inbox email system


  • Creating effective goals
  • Understand the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) Framework
  • Aligning goals at all levels
  • How to monitor goals and course-correct

Mastering Feedback

  • Understand the importance of feedback
  • Learn strategies to create an environment that encourages feedback
  • Learn how to structure and deliver feedback effectively

Effective Delegation

  • Understand the typical delegation pitfalls leaders encounter
  • Learn techniques to delegate more effectively
  • Understand a framework for effective requests 
  • Leverage your team more effectively through proper delegation

Leading With Language

  • Understand the generative nature of language
  • Learn how to recognize stories we treat as facts, and how they shape our world
  • Learn how to use declarations effectively
  • Understand the framework for making requests, offers, and promises

Effective Requests

  • Learn and practice a framework for making more effective requests
  • Improve the clarity of your communications with colleagues
  • Reduce waste by eliminating cycle time due to ineffective requests
  • Promote healthier relationships and collaboration