Executive Coaching

Why Coaching

Executive coaching is a transformative tool for senior leaders, fostering personal and organizational growth. Research has shown that coaching enhances leadership effectiveness by improving emotional intelligence, communication skills, and adaptability. It’s particularly beneficial in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where leaders must navigate complex challenges and drive innovation. Coaching provides a tailored, reflective space for leaders to develop new strategies, enhance decision-making, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Why Arete Pursuits

When you work with Arete Pursuits, you get coaches who are drawn to the profession by a deep passion for helping others learn and grow. Our coaching is supported by robust professional backgrounds and the ability to create a trusting, confidential space for their clients.

The Coaching Process

The initial executive coaching engagement consists of 13 sessions, typically occurring fortnightly (every two weeks).

Leaders will complete an Everything DiSC assessment to understand their interpersonal and communication style and a 360 feedback assessment utilizing the Leadership Circle Profile to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth.

With these assessments as inputs, the leader and coach will identify a set of goals to focus on throughout the engagement. All coaching sessions are strictly confidential.

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