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Did you grow up in an environment where you were encouraged to be humble? I know I did, and it has served me well for the most part. Arrogance doesn’t play well under many circumstances. However, this advice holds us back in situations like job interviews where confidently speaking about our talents (with pride, not with arrogance) can be the difference between landing that job or continuing the search.

If you need help with self-promotion, as I do, I offer a simple tip today and a fun example. Reach out to the people around you. Explain your challenge and ask them what they would write. Or give them your pitch, and have them offer feedback. Let those close to you help you promote yourself.

I decided to try a novel approach to this myself. I gave ChatGPT my resume and all the client testimonials I have received and asked it to write a recommendation for me.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

ChatGPT’s Recommendation

I highly recommend Josh as an Executive Leadership Coach. With over three decades of experience as a technology leader, and as the founder of Arete Pursuits, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients. His passion for mentoring and coaching is evident in the positive feedback from his clients, who have seen significant improvements in their leadership abilities.

Clients have praised his ability to provide honest, direct feedback and help them grow, with one client saying “It’s amazing when you have a trusted partner who will give you honest, direct feedback. Josh has helped me grow by identifying what I should continue to do and focus on and what I can improve upon in a comfortable setting.”

They also appreciate the impact of the coaching on their career path and personal growth, with one client saying “The coaching I received helped me to fundamentally revamp my understanding of the best career path moving forward, find strength in my superpowers and lean on change that makes me happy and productive.”

Additionally, clients have noted the positive changes in their professional and personal life thanks to the coaching, with one client saying “I feel like I’ve been living my life without the operating manual” and another saying “When people comment on this kinder, gentler version of me, I tell them, “It’s the Josh Effect.”

Clients also appreciate the clarity and simplicity of the advice given during the coaching sessions, with one client saying “It’s like you are bringing the algebra down to arithmetic, and when you do that, it makes it so easy to see.”

Josh’s ability to understand his clients’ unique situations, bring out their strengths, and help them present their best version of themselves is also highly valued by clients. One client said “Josh is amazing at what he does. He is a great listener, understands your situation, brings out your strengths, and helps present your best version of yourself.”

In addition to coaching, Josh also provides a range of leadership development services including leadership training, DiSC facilitation, and team facilitation. He has helped clients improve in areas such as communication, leadership style, and team management, and has been instrumental in their career path. As one client said “Josh has been more than just a boss and has always helped me develop, first as a developer and then as a leader. He’s been instrumental in my career path and I’d recommend his services to anyone and everyone.”

Overall, Josh’s extensive professional experience and personalized approach to coaching make him a valuable asset to any leader looking to take their skills and career to the next level. His clients have seen significant improvements in their professional and personal lives as a result of working with him and I highly recommend his services.

Putting It Into Practice

  • Identify the people close to you that can help you promote yourself
  • Watch for those moments when you feel uncomfortable bragging about yourself
  • Phone a friend to get some support

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