Summer Reading

It’s a short week in the US. Perhaps you are headed to the beach. If you aren’t taking this week off, you are likely enjoying a blissfully quiet time in the office.

Either way, this is a perfect time to catch up on your summer reading backlog. Here are the most popular articles so far this year, in case you missed them…

Doing Less

Reflections on how you can manage your commitments, freeing up time and energy for what you want to do more.

More Doing Less

This article, Following Doing Less, was the biggest hit of the past six months. It shares several techniques for ensuring you focus your energy on the highest-value commitments.

Be A Liver

Yes, that’s an actual liver. If seeing an image caused you to skip over this one, give it a read. This is far and away my personal favorite from the past six months.

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

This is a fabulous guest post from my dear friend Giada Centofanti, CNTC, ACC. It makes the case for shifting from balancing work and life to harmonizing them.

Embracing Intuition

Reflections on the power of opening ourselves up to our intuition.

Courageous Conversations

Techniques to embrace courageous authenticity and have difficult conversations with courage.

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