Top Ten Blog Posts of 2022

I’m taking a break this week to celebrate the holidays and recharge. Here are my top ten most-viewed blog posts of the year.

10. The Best Technology Available

My pursuit of running the Boston Marathon and recognizing when I needed to open up my mind to new possibilities and embrace the “Super Shoes.”

9. Please Shorten Your Meetings

My shortest blog post of the year – a simple tactic to give yourself and your teams a little more breathing room in a crowded calendar.

8. How Are You?

Some tips on building a daily practice of gratitude.

7. Cut Me Some Slack

My thoughts on managing the messaging culture driven by Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat.

6. Go On Tour

Strengthening your working relationships by going on a listening tour.

5. Remembering Jack

Honoring the memory of my dear friend Jack Grubbs on the day I finally ran the Boston Marathon.

4. On The Path

Celebrating a significant milestone in my coaching journey as I earned my coaching certification from the Newfield Network.

3. Overcoming Overwhelm

Using the “Blank Sheet of Paper” exercise to get organized and overcome the mood of overwhelm.

2. Shifting Perspectives

One of my favorite exercises to help someone view a problem from multiple points of view to open new possibilities.

1. My First Year

I am touched that my top blog post of the year, both in the number of views and LinkedIn impressions, was the celebration of my first full year of coaching. 

I’ll give an honorable mention to last week’s blog post, All You Need Is Love. Given the reactions I’ve seen over the past week, it will likely crack the top ten before long.

I am grateful for your support and encouragement. I wish you all happy holidays and a fantastic 2023.

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