• Arete


    This morning, I tried a new practice at the suggestion of my meditation teacher, Jonathan Gustin. When I first awoke, before getting out of bed, I recited a simple invocation, expressing gratitude that my soul was returned to my body for another day. The invocation was powerful, helping me appreciate what a gift it truly is…

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  • Creating Space

    Creating Space

    Last week, I was invited to facilitate a session with an HR team. As they planned for 2024, they wanted to brainstorm techniques to improve their effectiveness as a team and in support of the broader organization. They quickly generated over 30 ideas and then used multi-voting to determine which ones to spend time developing.…

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  • Shared Background of Obviousness

    Shared Background of Obviousness

    When I teach the framework for effective requests as a tool to improve delegation, one component that inevitably generates discussion is the shared background of obviousness (which I’ll abbreviate as SBO for convenience’s sake). Today, we’ll unpack this concept. Understanding the SBO can improve your empathy for others, especially when communication issues abound. What is the SBO? Considering…

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  • Prince Kohaku

    Prince Kohaku

    I had this week’s blog post all planned out. Then, on Saturday morning, my cat Kohaku climbed into my lap, requesting love. I set aside my phone and began to pet him. At that moment, a new blog post idea climbed into my head, requesting my planned topic be set aside like my phone. So…

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  • Your Future Self

    Your Future Self

    Shifting Perspectives is one of my most popular articles. In that post, I walk through a favorite exercise, enabling you to view a situation from several different perspectives leveraging your physical space to support the shift. Over the past month, I’ve engaged in a daily practice similar to this one, where I seek the perspective of…

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  • From Subject to Object

    From Subject to Object

    A fundamental goal of ontological coaching is to help the coachee generate an ontological shift. Through work with a coach, the coachee gains a new perspective on how they view the world, and holding that perspective, they can examine and shift it as needed to serve themselves better. We sometimes refer to this as “The Big Eye.”…

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