• More Doing Less

    More Doing Less

    Last week, we began exploring ways to do less, looking at ways to leverage each hemisphere of the brain to help us identify what’s most important. Today, I offer several strategies to experiment with putting those priorities into action, fending off the lower-priority distractions competing for your precious time. Limiting Work-In-Progress In agile software development,…

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  • Doing Less

    Doing Less

    As someone who loves productivity and efficiency, it’s no surprise that my clients often bring coaching topics around getting more done and squeezing more into their day. In the past few months, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the frequency of those conversations. Every CEO I coach has brought it up in one form or…

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  • Best of 2023

    Best of 2023

    Welcome to 2024. The past week was primarily time off for me, and when I did work, I was struck by how much more enjoyable the work was with space between work sessions to breathe—a powerful reminder to me to create more space in my life. January’s Journal of Awareness Before we dive into the…

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  • Listening to the Universe, Part 2

    Listening to the Universe, Part 2

    Back in March, I wrote a post entitled Listening to the Universe. In that post, I shared several examples where the universe had gently guided me to a program it knew was essential to my coaching journey, including the Newfield Network and BEabove Leadership. Today, with a surprising amount of emotion, I’m honoured* to share I am now a…

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  • Unlocking Opportunities: How to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

    Unlocking Opportunities: How to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

    Last week, I took my own advice. I created space for myself to allow for reflection, and in so doing, I anticipated skipping the blog for a week. The night before I left on my two-day retreat, I received an unexpected gift – a guest blog post from Yiorgos Boudouris. A good leader recognizes and leverages the strengths of…

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    I realize the new year is still a month away. But it’s coming. For many of us, December is a month of cramming as we remember our plans for the year and feverishly attempt to “catch up” on overly ambitious goals. I invite you to treat December as a month to wind the year down…

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