• Just Breathe

    Just Breathe

    One of my core values is health. Of course, this includes physical health, but equally important to me is mental health. I, like so many others, have developed some core mindfulness practices supporting my wellbeing. Which brings me to a pet peeve. Every now and then I’ll read some article that talks about how you…

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  • The Case for Fortnightly

    The Case for Fortnightly

    In my last blog post, one of my previewers suggested I replace “fortnightly” with “every two weeks.” Their concern was that most US readers aren’t familiar with the term. Ironically, another previewer who knows how much I love the word praised me for deftly incorporating it. I left it in because the word brings me…

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  • My Most Memorable Team

    My Most Memorable Team

    A few weeks ago I ran a marathon, and was fortunate enough to be running a similar pace to a young man who was running his first one. After subjecting him to a few miles of unsolicited running advice, he asked me what my favorite business books were. That was an easy question – I…

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